Why HAK Nutrition?

Get More Active Ingredients, Better, Quality, Total Formulation Transparency and Help the Community

more active ingredients

Get more of what you want. HAK Nutrition uses a huge 25.3gram serving size and our formulation made of an industry leading 96% active ingredients. This means more pre workout and less artificial fillers

scoop size(g) 25.3 11.5 6.5 8.4
price per gram of active ingredient $0.07 $0.09 $0.23 $0.17
percent active ingredient 95.51% 79.13% 66.15% 69.05%


Know that you are getting the top quality supplement. HAK Nutrition uses a propriety geometric blending methodology to ensure even distribution of ingredients in every scoop.


Know that you are putting in your body. We tell you what exact ingredients you are getting and why. Other brands hide behind 'proprietary blends' which mask their ingredients.


Feeking good knowing that your purchase helps make America's next generation healthy and active. For every purchase, we donate $1 to the YMCA.