In 2015, tired of gimmicky celebrity endorsed products not based on science and big brand markups, HAK Nutrition set to create a no paid celebrity endorsement, direct to consumer nutrition supplement company. By not buying celebrity endorsements and creating a direct to consumer channel, HAK Nutrition is able to create products that offered more value per dollar than the traditional big brands and give back to the health of the community. 

HAK Nutrition is hacking the $30 billion nutrition supplement industry by disrupting the traditional business model of pushing high markup products with endorsed athletes. HAK Nutrition invests the money saved with our no endorsement, direct to consumer model in our product allowing us to:

  • Offer more active ingredients per dollar in each serving of each product.
  • Give $1 of every product purchase back to community health through the YMCA organization
  • Offer 100% transparent science based formulation with no marketing gimmicks. 


We recognize the health of our business is interwoven with the well-being of the communities we serve.  It’s our mission to help people live healthier, more active lives with the proper use of supplemental nutrition.

That’s why through our products, policies, and marketing we’ll work to inspire people to be active and make informed nutritional choices. To deliver on that promise, we are promoting the benefits of daily exercise and moral nutritional supplementation and will provide consumers with total transparency so they can pick the product that is right for them.

  • Research. We are committed to using evidence-based science to guide the choices we offer and the way we educate about those choices.
  • Innovation. We are committed to investing in the development of products and marketing that fosters active and healthy living.
  • Education. We provide nutritional supplement choices and educate consumers about them. We are committed to bringing real valued options to consumers and to educating them on the role that supplemental nutrition can play in healthy lifestyles.
  • Transparency. We are committed to transparency about the nutritional content of our products.
  • Responsibility. We are committed to responsible marketing of our products without the use of games, gimmicks, or paid celebrity endorsements.
  • Commitment. We promote active, healthy living and are committed to being part of the solution to these issues 

Why HAK Nutrition?

Research + Transparency + Education + Responsibility = 100% Customer Commitment