TeaCrine® Theacrine


Theacrine was found in a tea leaf known as Camellia kucha and is known as a purine alkaloid.(25) Theacrine is similar to caffeine in structure and the pathways they are able to activate. Both are also able to cross the blood brain barrier. (23),(24) Theacrine as TeaCrine® is >98% pure concentrated nature identical theacrine. By working with the body’s natural metabolic pathways TeaCrine® has been shown to enhance energy for up to 6 hours. TeaCrine® works by activating dopaminergic and adenosinergic pathways, which are neuro pathways. This activation of these two pathways can help with enhancing energy and metabolism. TeaCrine® increases dopamine levels through D1 and D2 dopaminergic receptor activation. High dopamine levels have been shown help with energy production, increased cognition and motivation. TeaCrine’s effect on the energy of the adenosinergic pathway A1 and A2 receptors allows it to inhibit the production of adenosine. Adenosine functions to promote sedation and relaxation. By inhibiting this ability of adenosine, TeaCrine® is able to supply ample energy.(25)