Tart Cherry: The Mighty Recovery Fruit

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction (and exhaustion) that comes over you after a rigorous training session. You pushed yourself to the limits and survived to lift another day!


All is great in the world, until the next morning rolls around and you can’t even roll out of bed without groaning from the debilitating soreness covering your body. We’ve already discussed ways to improve recovery on the HAK blog, but today, we’re going to cover a potent supplement that not only speeds recovery, but also combats inflammation and oxidative stress!


We’re talking about Tart Cherry, and if you’re not familiar with this potent fruit, you’re about to get a crash course on the many wonderful benefits it offers you in the hours after a tough workout.


What are Tart Cherries?


Tart cherry is a fruit from the Prunus cerasus tree native to Europe and Southwest Asia. It also goes by a couple other names including sour cherry and dwarf cherry. Tart cherry is related to the much more commonly eaten sweet cherry, but tart cherry has a much more acidic flavor, but more importantly, it has greater health benefits[1] than its sweeter relative!


Tart cherries contain a plethora of vitamins, antioxidants and specialized flavonoids -- anthocyanins specifically.[2] Flavonoids are a class of plant substances generally considered to confer health benefits via antioxidant effects. Antioxidants are compounds inside a cell that “donate” electrons to unstable molecules called reactive oxygen species (ROS) in order to prevent the ROS from “stealing” electrons from other neighboring cells, thus contributing to the spread of free radicals and oxidative stress.


Anthocyanins are specialized class of flavonoids that act as powerful antioxidants to protect the various cells of countless body systems. Research has well documented that tart cherries combat inflammation throughout the body. Following a tough workout, muscle cells have been damaged (on purpose), and in an attempt to protect and repair itself, the body activates the immune response which involves arteriole dilation and opening new capillaries at the injury site. A by-product of this process is stimulated nerves at the site of injury which can show itself in the form of pain, stiffness, and irritation -- all of which are implicated in muscle soreness.

Benefits of Tart Cherry


Due to the high antioxidant / anti-inflammatory actions of anthocyanins, and high amounts of those compounds in tart cherry, researchers have begun to heavily study its effects in promoting recovery and limiting muscle damage. Recovery is key to making steady, efficient progress, so anything that can aid an athlete getting back to training ultimately accelerates their ability to continually progress and reach new heights of performance.


Numerous studies have been done using whole cherries, cherry juice, and even cherry powder, and one thing is constant throughout all of these trials -- tart cherry is a powerful supplement for enhancing recovery, but there’s also other benefits too:


- Reduced Inflammation and Oxidative Stress
- Decreased Muscle Damage and Strength Lost
- Recovery of Muscle Function
- Reduced Pain
- Enhanced Sleep



    What’s the Best Form?


    There are a lot of options to consider when looking for the right tart cherry supplement to add to your post workout recovery stack. Sure you could eat whole cherries (if they’re available near you) or purchase a tub of tart cherry juice (which is even harder to find). But, what if neither of those is an option?


    That’s where CherryPURE® Tart Cherry Powder comes in!


    Developed by Shoreline Fruit, CherryPURE® is a patented, premium quality tart cherry powder made from freeze-dried cherries. It’s 100% natural and additive‐free, that’s packed with the plethora of antioxidants and nutrients found in the whole fruit. Other tart cherry powders are available, but some may contain fillers in them (as much as 15%!); however, CherryPURE® Tart Cherry Powder contains no added ingredients.


    In fact, CherryPURE® is the only tart cherry powder backed by two clinical studies, both conducted at Texas A&M University.[5,6] Those two studies specifically investigated tart cherry powder as it related to markers of recovery following intense resistance and and endurance training.


    The team at Texas A&M noted that a dose of 480mg tart cherry powder was an “effective dietary supplement to attenuate muscle soreness, strength decrement during recovery, and markers of muscle catabolism in resistance trained individuals.”[5]


    In case you weren’t already aware, PostHAK contains the clinical effective dose of 480mg CherryPURE® Tart Cherry Powder to accelerate your post workout recovery and reduce soreness.



    There are all sorts of prescribed methods and tools to help quicken recovery -- some good, some not so effective. The same can be said of dietary supplements heralded for their ability to accelerate healing and blunt soreness, some work while others don’t. One that is a surefire winner is tart cherry powder, CherryPURE® specifically.


    Start using it today after each and every workout, and debilitating DOMS, aches, and pains will become a thing of the past!




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