Power Fat Loss with Paradoxine

In the battle against bulging bellies, humans are always looking for the next great thing that will ramp up fat loss, enhance lean mass, and give them the aesthetic physique they’ve always wanted. The problem is, most fat loss agents are really nothing but a cocktail of stimulants that leave you feeling jittery, edgy, and anxious.


This had led supplement manufacturers to pioneer new stimulant-free ingredients that have the same metabolism-spiking effects as stimulants, but without “stimulation” component. As it turns out, a number of ingredients have been hyped to deliver on those claims over the years, like Green Coffee Bean, but none have really panned out.


Until now.


Paradoxine is a revolutionary new fat loss agent that revs up your metabolism, but is stimulant free AND backed by research. Just be ready for the heat wave that comes taking it!


What is Paradoxine?


Paradoxine is the patented extract of Grains of Paradise, a spice frequently used in many styles of cooking to deliver some “pop” to a dish. Why is included in fat burners then?


Quite simply, Paradoxine is incredibly effective and has legitimate human studies to back up these claims too! But before we get to the effects of Paradoxine, let’s learn a bit more about the actual Grains of Paradise spice itself.


In addition to its culinary uses, Grains of Paradise, also known as Aframomum Melegueta, has been used in traditional medicines for a number of reason, which is why modern day researchers explored its use in sports supplements and weight loss aids.


The seeds of Grains of Paradise are packed with several potent compounds, known for their pungent odor and flavor, as well as their ability to fight fat. These compounds include:

1. 6-paradol
2. 6-gingerol
3. 6-shogaol
4. 6-gingerdione


    The two key compounds are 6-paradol and 6-gingerol (also found in ginger), and is where the real magic behind Grains of Paradise lies.



    How Does Paradoxine Work?

    Here’s a close up shot of the Grains of Paradise seeds


    In the human body, there are two types of fat tissues: 

    - White adipose tissue (WAT), and
    - Brown adipose tissue (BAT)


      WAT for Storage


      White fat cells (adipocytes) are cells with a roundish shape and large diameter that are primarily composed of one giant lipid (fat) droplet and a thin rim containing the cytoplasm and the nucleus. White adipocytes are your “food stores” in that they store excess calories for when food intake is low.[1]


      BAT for Thermogenesis

      Brown adipocytes are typically smaller diameter cells than WAT cells, and are composed of several small fat droplets. BAT cells primary function is “non-shivering thermogenesis,” meaning BAT regulates body temperature during exposure to cold.[1]


      Converting WAT into BAT

      The really neat thing about Grains of Paradise extract is that it encourages the transformation of WAT into BAT, known as the “browning of fat”. Wwhy would we want to do this?


      Well, BAT activation leads to increased energy expenditure as well as a negative energy balance, which results in faster weight loss! On top of that, BAT cells can use lipids and blood glucose, which supports improvements in glucose metabolism and lipid levels independent of fat loss.[8]


      Benefits of Paradoxine 

      Human Studies

      To date, two human trials have been conducted and shown that Paradoxine leads to increased energy expenditure as well as greater fat loss. However, there was a discrepancy in the dosing.

      The increased energy expenditure study had subjects consume 40mg / day, while the study that showed increased fat loss ingested 30mg / day. It’s also worth mentioning that the first study used only men while the second study involved only women.


      Animal Studies


      As with most supplements in the world of sports nutrition, a number of animal studies have been conducted using Grains of Paradise extracts and found similar weight loss results, but a few other benefits as well, including: 

      - Lower blood pressure
      - Improved lipid profile
      - Reduced hepatotoxicity


        What does that mean for humans?


        Well, it suggests that Paradoxine isn’t just great for fat loss, it may also have a number of other greater health benefits to it as well. These will just need to be vetted further in the forthcoming human trials involving Paradoxine!



        So how much should you use?


        General recommendations for Paradoxine are to use a minimum of 30mg per day whether from your fat burner of choice, or a bulk powder / capsule option. It’s also worth mentioning that there are a lot of bogus Grains of Paradise extracts exist on the market, often of poor quality! To ensure you’re getting the best, most effective form of Grains of Paradise extract, we’d suggest only using Paradoxine. It’s the form used in the human trials and has HPLC testing proving its quality!


        One other thing worth mentioning is that Paradoxine comes with a STRONG thermogenic effect. So if you’re taking upwards of 30-40mg of the ingredient, expect to be sweating...A LOT!



        Fat loss is tricky business, all the more so when looking to accomplish it without stimulants! But, Paradoxine is an effective means to enhance weight loss by increasing energy expenditure without giving you the jitters or a nasty crash. If you’re ready to seriously crank up the heat and burn fat fast, you owe it to yourself to check out Paradoxine!



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