Fight Fatigue with Beta Alanine

Plagued by fatigue in your workout?
Seem to not be able to finish as strong as you started?
Endurance goes to crap during your workout?
Then listen up, because today’s supplement is exactly what you’re looking for!

It’s called Beta Alanine, and it’s your secret weapon to lasting longer and stronger throughout your workout!

What is Beta Alanine?

Beta-alanine is technically classified as a nonessential beta-amino acid, meaning the body can produce sufficient amounts on its own without sourcing it through the diet. However, once you learn about the power of this little amino, you’ll quickly realize it’s absolutely essential to enhancing performance.

Beta alanine is the rate-limiting component in the synthesis of carnosine, a powerful intracellular buffer.[1] In other words, the amount of carnosine the body synthesizes is essentially dependent on the amount of beta alanine available. Basically, if you’re lacking in beta alanine, carnosine synthesis is severely impacted. But why is this important for performance?

Well, carnosine is naturally found in the brain, heart, stomach, and, most importantly, skeletal muscle. It’s composed of histidine + beta alanine and helps buffer the lactic acid accumulation brought on hydrogen ion (H+) buildup. Inhibiting or delaying H+ production helps delay muscular fatigue while training, thus enabling you to train for longer periods of time and at greater intensities before succumbing to fatigue.[11]

In short, you’ll notice greater stamina, faster recovery, and much less “burning” in your muscles during intense lifting sessions.

Not Just for Lifters!


The great thing about beta alanine is that it’s been shown to be effective for a large population of athletes, not just the bros in the gym. While beta alanine is great for lifters, where it really shines is in sports / activities involving prolonged exertion -- performing from 1 to 4 minutes without a significant rest. As you’re aware, the typical weight-lifting set only lasts 30-60 seconds, depending on rep scheme and count.

However, in most other sports, you’re actively working your muscles for a significantly longer amount of time. Due to this, researchers have studied beta alanine’s effectiveness across a wide spectrum of sports, and in fact, clinical trials have shown beta alanine supplementation to be particularly effective for all sorts of athletes including:

- Rowers[3]
- Wrestlers[4]
- Football players[4,5]
- Weight lifters[6]
- Cyclists (studies on both men AND women)[7,8]
- Runners[9]

    Benefits of Beta Alanine

    - Increased endurance
    - Greater strength
    - Decreased fatigue
    - Improved recovery
    - Reduced “burning” in muscles during working sets
    - Synergistic with creatine
    - Good for men AND women

      How Much?

      The general consensus for the research indicates that 3.2g / day is needed to see maximal benefits from beta alanine supplementation. Additionally, it’s also suggested to split the doses into smaller multiple doses throughout the day.

      The reason being is two-fold:

      1. Nutrient intake is optimized when doses are split throughout the day (for this reason, we split the beta alanine dose evenly between PreHAK and PostHAK)
      2. When consuming large amounts of beta alanine (>2g) in one sitting, some users get a nasty bout of paresthesia, also known as “the tingles”. If you want to avoid the itchy face and tingling lips, it’s best to split up your beta alanine doses if you’re not already saturated with the ingredient.

        Why not supplement with Carnosine directly?

        We figured you were probably wondering this already. If it’s carnosine that’s really doing the work here, why not just supplement with it directly?!

        Well, beta alanine has been shown to be more effective at increasing carnosine levels than directly consuming the same amount of carnosine.[10] Additionally, carnosine is less bioavailable than beta alanine, so it’s ultimately more effective and efficient supplementing with beta alanine.


        It’s rare in the supplement industry to find a “surefire” ingredient that delivers on multiple fronts for multiple sports. Beta alanine is a “diamond in the rough” in every sense, as it delivers tons of benefits across a litany of athletic endeavors.
        Stop cutting your progress in the gym short, and start supplementing with beta alanine to increase stamina, endurance, and ultimately GAINS!




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