Alpha GPC for Brain and Muscle Gains!

Nootropics are all the rage these days, is it really that much of a surprise. Nootropics, also known as smart drugs, heighten focus, improve cognition, increase alertness, and enhance memory and learning. Given humans innate desire to constantly improve themselves and the things around them, it makes perfect sense why nootropics are such a big interest these days.


The world of nootropics is incredibly expansive though, and it can be somewhat daunting knowing which one to try first. After all, no two human brains are identical, and because of that, not all nootropics were equally well for all people.


However, one nootropic that is almost universally supplemented by brain bio-hackers is Alpha GPC!


If you haven’t heard of this mighty nootropic, then read on to see how it can benefit your mind and muscle for superior performance and gains!


What is Alpha GPC?


Alpha GPC, short for L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine, is a naturally-occurring choline compound present in the brain as well as a parasympathetic choline precursor in the body. As you may (or may not) know, choline is an essential “vitamin-like” nutrient heavily involved in human metabolism, including cell structure to neurotransmitter synthesis.[1]

Choline is found in a wide range of foods including oats, milk, yogurt, cheese, and eggs. The problem is that the amounts of choline present if foods is rather limited, and, some research indicates that 10% or less of the population consumes enough choline through their diet. This is why supplementing with choline pays such dividends.


The trick to effective choline supplementation is choosing the right form.


Forms of Choline 

Choline supplements come in many different forms, and it’s sometimes difficult to know which ones are truly effective. Strolling down the supplement aisle, you’ll see any of the following, or perhaps all of these:

- Choline Bitartrate
- Choline Citrate
- Alpha GPC
- CDP-Choline (Citicoline)

How are you supposed to know which one to buy?


The premier choice for choline supplements is Alpha GPC, it’s been proven in research to be the most bioavailable form and the most effective form for increasing acetylcholine levels in the body.[2,3,4] In fact, Alpha GPC requires 46% the dose of CDP-Choline to boost acetylcholine levels the same, meaning Alpha GPC is a more efficient elevator of acetylcholine, due to its higher choline content by weight.


So, how does increasing acetylcholine levels help us?


Acetylcholine -- The “Learning Neurotransmitter”


The primary reason Alpha GPC is such an effective nootropic is it’s an incredibly powerful elevator of acetylcholine production in the body. Acetylcholine is known as the “learning neurotransmitter” and is responsible for memory and learning, as you would expect. Greater amounts of this potent neurotransmitter essentially make the brain’s cognitive processes more efficient, which translates into faster processing, mental performance, task completion, and better all around brain function.


Acetylcholine also plays a significant role in muscle control, which is why choline-based supplements (particularly Alpha GPC) have been said to enhance the “mind-muscle” connection during weightlifting. In other words, Alpha GPC strengthens the signals from your brain to your muscles, resulting in stronger contractions yielding bigger, better gains!


Brain Protector


Alpha GPC is also extremely effective when it comes to preventing cognitive decline from diseases such as Alzheimer’s.[5] The metabolism of choline is significantly increased (i.e. upregulated) in Alzheimer's disease, meaning your brain burns through it faster and depletes it stores faster. Additionally, there is also damage to cellular membranes which are constructed of choline-containing phospholipids.

Since Alpha GPC can enhance acetylcholine levels in the body, it helps to combat the rapid metabolism of acetylcholine by ensuring there are ample amounts needed by the brain, as well as supplying a valuable source of choline for phospholipid construction.


Good for Muscles Too!


We’ve already touched on Alpha GPC’s ability to enhance the mind-muscle connection, which enhances your workout performance. But there’s more to Alpha GPC’s muscle-building benefits. Research has shown that Alpha GPC can increase peak force production, leg strength, and post-workout growth hormone production![6,7] More specifically, Alpha GPC is shown to increase power output by as much as 14% when consumed 45 minutes prior to training. improvement in users who took it 45 minutes before their activity.

How Much?


To get the brain boosting benefits of Alpha GPC, you want to get a minimum of 300mg per day. The nootropic exerts both acute and long term benefits, so supplementing with it daily is a great idea for improving memory and cognitive function.


To get the strength-enhancing benefits from Alpha GPC, research indicates that you need to consume 600mg worth of the supplement about 30-45 minutes prior to training.




Alpha GPC is truly a mighty nootropic and the superior choice for choline supplements on the market. That’s why every serving of PreHAK contains 300mg of the patented AlphaSize Alpha GPC, the premier form of Alpha GPC on the market. With Alpha GPC, you’ll have improved cognitive function, memory, learning, as well as muscle strength and performance. Simply put, this is one nootropic you definitely want in your supplement regimen!





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