Active Ingredients Per Dollar: Measuring Your Supplement’s Value

In the supplement industry there are a lot of ways to distinguish yourself. A couple of the most common ways are offering a cheap bargain brand or claiming to have a premium product and charge through the nose. Everyone understands there is a relationship between quality and price but how do you really know if you are getting the most value out of your product for the price you paid?  

Instead of just accepting a company’s sales pitch, you can actually calculate this. Calculating the active ingredients per dollar is a great way to quantify the value you are getting when buying a supplement.


Why look at active ingredients?

Many companies add fillers to their product to make it seem like you are getting more product. These fillers don’t do anything to enhance your athletic performance. Active ingredients are the ingredients in a supplement that do the work to enhance your performance. Therefore calculating the cost of the active ingredients gives you an objective framework to determine if you are getting the most bang for your buck.

To do this, you need to know: 1) what active ingredients are and 2) the price of the product.

We have another blog post explaining how and the importance of calculating active ingredients. For simplicity the same infographic is also included below.

After you have the true active ingredients calculated from the servings size, you then calculate the price per serving. To do this you take the price of the product divided by the servings in the product.

Price / # of Servings = Price Per Serving

Now that you have both the total amount of active ingredients and the price per serving you can calculate the active ingredients per dollar. All you have to do is take grams of active ingredients per serving and divide it by cost per serving.

Grams of Active Ingredients per Serving / Cost Per Serving = Active Ingredients Per Dollar

Active ingredients per dollar quantifies how much you pay for the ingredients that do work in the product.

HAK Nutrition is able to deliver on this value as we set out to create a no paid celebrity endorsement, direct to consumer nutrition supplement company. By not buying celebrity endorsements and creating a direct to consumer channel, HAK Nutrition is able to create products that offered more value per dollar than the traditional big brands and give back to the health of the community.


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