Problems with Proprietary Blends

What makes the secret sauce so special? It wouldn't be a secret if they told everyone. That's how the supplement industries like to come off. A lot of companies on nutrition and supplement these days include proprietary blends in their products. 

Proprietary doesn’t seem like a bad thing, they are just making it so other companies can’t replicate their product right?

Well, in reality there are a few issues with proprietary blends:

  • Underdosing key active ingredients
  • What ingredients are you actually taking?

Underdosing is a big one. A bunch of ingredients are all listed together with one measurement claiming the total amount of product in the blend. In fact, most of the time, ingredients in supplement blends are listed from greatest to least but in a blend there is no way of knowing how much of each compound is included.

Citrulline malate for example is usually supplemented in 6-8g doses. In a blend, you could be getting far less than this and have no idea. Not knowing how much you are getting isn’t just ripping your wallet off, but of course it's dangerous.

Take a look at this made up energy blend as an example:

There are four ingredients included in this energy blend for a total of 2,373Mg. Assuming the ingredients are listed from greatest to least, caffeine would have the least amount.

Although it is listed last, you still don't know how much you are getting from it. Therefore, it is considered unsafe especially when the stimulants start to pile up.

Protecting your formula is one thing, hiding underdosed ingredients and stimulants under a blend is another. Protect yourself and spend your money wisely. Be prudent, always think first of what you are putting inside your body.


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